The purpose of our organization is to support the staff, families, and, most especially, the students at Glenmoor Elementary School. Our members include family members, school staff, students, and community members. Our programs are supported by the hard work of many volunteers.

Each year we work to support a variety of events and initiatives at Glenmoor, including: science night, art night, movie nights, family photo day, yearbooks, family reading night, parent/caregiver events, safety backpacks, classroom/teacher grants, fundraisers, and more!

By joining the Glenmoor PTA, you can help support meaningful experiences for our students and help nurture our community. 

2022-2023 PTA Goals

Increase PTA membership and member engagement.

Foster a PTA that is representative of our diverse Glenmoor community, including seeking ways to improve communications and providing accessible programming.

Bring back, or reimagine, activities that were paused due to Covid-19.